Here are a few tips to enhance your experience.

Our story is told with words, images and sound. So I recommend you enjoy the book on the largest computer screen and best audio equipment available to you. Using your phone is okay too but – believe me – you will enjoy the book more on a computer screen with good audio.

Once you’re in the book, make yourself familiar with the ‘dashboard’ at the bottom of the screen. There are 5 controls to master:

  1. To get the best view, click on the icon at the bottom right – the book will fill up your screen.
  2. The next icon to the left allows you to experience the book with sound. Definitely worthwhile to turn it on!
  3. To turn the pages – forwards or backwards – just click on the arrows at the bottom center.
  4. If you’re the type who likes ‘auto-pilot,’ there’s an icon on the left side of the arrows which will automatically flip the pages for you.
  5. The final icon on the left allows you to zoom in on any pages you like.

We’ve also installed a link at the end of the book which makes it easy for you to let us know what  you thought of “Becoming Sgt. Pepper”. You can also use the comment section below this text to share your thoughts.

Click the icons below to go to the first book (Becoming Sgt. Pepper), the second book (Mad Days Out) or the third book (The Beatles The End).

Thanks again for your interest. Enjoy the ride!

M. Frank

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